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Projects & Testimonials


The Social Innovation Forum's mission is to create positive social change in Greater Boston. They achieve this by engaging leaders, strengthening organizations, and building networks. SIF describes their work as “a marketplace approach” to social change – one in which SIF engages diverse stakeholders in collaborating to accelerate purposeful, positive social change

Leveraging Your Culture

This workshop learning objective was to help non-profit leaders drive employee engagement, retention, and productivity.  We explored four people strategies; clarifying the EVP, understanding the workforce, fostering meaningful connections, and creating a feedback-rich environment.  

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“ Lisa led a rich and interactive workshop creating a wonderful learning environment.  The moments for interaction were intentional and woven throughout the session allowing for multiple experiences and perspectives to be shared.   Lisa took time to connect with a few of our members in advance of the workshop, so the content was customized.   The participants had strong actionable strategies to address some of the people and culture challenges they are experiencing.”    Jenna Nackel, Director of Network Engagement – Social Innovation Forum

CEO Roundtable brings CEOs together with their peers for unstructured discussion. At monthly meetings, members seek one another’s advice on new ideas for their respective companies or solve problems of internal politics. Through monthly peer group meetings, seminars, and an annual retreat, the CEO Roundtable has been changing the lives of executives and their companies by providing a venue for invigorating, confidential discussions, ideas, and insights.

Leveraging Leadership and Your Brand

Working with over a dozen business leaders, this session uncovered the underutilized power each CEO has in leveraging his/her culture through story-telling.   We engaged in how to apply best practices through discussion and roleplay resulting in actionable techniques to impact the employee experience and business success. 

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“Lisa conducted a fun, informative, and interactive workshop for the CEO Roundtable.  We engaged in exercises that demonstrated how important our personal presence matters in building our companies’ culture.  It was clear that a key to hiring and retaining great employees is understanding and frequently reinforcing our cultural “story”.   

Her expertise and energy kept us on our toes as she dealt with a number of specific questions, offering not just solutions, but new ways of thinking about the issues.  We walked away with practical tools and a new appreciation of how our stories influence company culture.”    Scott Lewis, President – CEO Roundtable


Consolidated Electrical Distributors Yankee Division

Consolidated Electrical Distributors, Inc. (CED) is a continuously growing network of electrical suppliers serving local industrial manufacturers, commercial contractors, and original equipment manufacturers across the country.

Building a Leader’s Toolkit

Facilitated a full-day program on leadership best practices to further develop people & communication skills.  The customized workshop allowed for discussion, practice, and interactive learning.  Program and materials developed to support the management team’s growth and continued success. 

Tom Rothfuss.jpg

Lisa developed training and tools for our managers to help guide them through best practices in hiring and managing employees with a focus on employee retention. Simply put: Lisa is certainly one of the best at putting the time in to do the necessary research to understand our company culture and provide a targeted approach. She is deliberate in her tactics with great attention to detail. It is quite obvious that she puts her heart and soul into the project. Thanks so much for making us a better team." Thomas Rothfuss, Yankee Division Manager - Consolidated Electrical Distributors


In partnership with Alexandra Rodriguez,  Professor of Sociology, Lisa led a workshop on building awareness and communication in a remote workplace with Teen Cancer America.   

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