“Lisa has helped me immensely in seeing (and becoming) the leader I want to be. In what feels like a short amount of time, she has intimately come to know me—the good, the bad and even the ugly—and has even come to understand both my team and family dynamics. I look forward to our conversations and always walk away feeling enlightened and rebalanced. She questions and pushes, but in all the right ways. She is supportive, encouraging, and I believe she truly cares about my successes. I enjoy every second of our time together and am forever grateful for the growth she has afforded me.”

-Angelique Schena, Director of Marketing (coaching client)

“Lisa has a unique approach that balances results-driven career advice with problem-solving compassion – and delivers concrete exercises to support it.  Using questions and tools she guided me to gain a solid understanding of my brand to help reinforce my distinctive style and strengths.  She possesses empathy and honest intelligence that helped me take a sometimes-challenging look in the mirror and love every minute of it.”

-Recent Client, Marketing Executive  (coaching client)

 “While working with Lisa I learned the importance of delegation, empowerment, valuing time, and effective communication. She helped to develop my skill of being “persistent” and “assertive” in a positive way by always driving great ideas for the betterment of the organization. After working with Lisa, my confidence as a leader has totally improved! Lisa always had my best interest at heart. She’s experienced and very knowledgeable in her field. She’s empathetic, a great listener and very patient.”

-Louh Villa Ty, VP of Operations (coaching client)     

“I had the privilege of working with Lisa through our company’s leadership program. Her warm and engaging personality, combined with a high level of intelligence and years of valuable experience, are game changers! Each time we met, I left our sessions feeling more empowered and prepared to take on the next challenge. Lisa’s insights have been incredibly impactful in my growth and leadership progression. I’d partner with her again in a heartbeat!”

-Brittany Dodd, VP of Surgery Ventures (coaching client)     

“Lisa was such a wonderful and insightful coach. She helped me connect dots that I could have never connected in a way that improved the quality of my work and the quality of my relationships. She was able to understand my personality, my leadership style, and how I show up work to help me develop options for solving pressing issues that increased my confidence and reduced anxiety. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for an amazing coaching experience.”

– Jason Star, VP of Physician & Provider Relations  (coaching client)

“Lisa will help you find your own path, she will be next to you as you seek what is right for you.   Following a number of sessions with deep Q&A, she led me through a process that delivered an authentically personal outcome, something tailored for me and not a “cut and paste” one.   Lisa is very perceptive and “sees me”.   She is patient, values-driven, and used a process that allowed me to generate results.”

-John, CEO  (coaching client) 

“Lisa initially facilitated a workshop with our staff around collaboration in a remote environment. She took time to engage the team and provided a relaxed environment, ensuring that all voices were heard. Lisa helped each of us to identify our behavioral style and communication preferences which has subsequently helped us significantly in the new world of hybrid remote working.
Since then we have further engaged Lisa in consulting with the leadership team around values, goal-setting, effective communication and delivering feedback which will then lead to further whole team workshops on the same subject matter.

Lisa’s greatest impact has been to help us maximise our effectiveness as a management group, to bring greater clarity to our whole team communications and to enhance our skills in staff coaching and management.”

– Simon Davies, Executive Director, (coaching & leadership consulting client)

“Lisa developed training and tools for our managers to help guide them through best practices in hiring and managing employees with a focus on employee retention. Simply put: Lisa is certainly one of the best at putting the time in to do the necessary research to understand our company culture and provide a targeted approach. She is deliberate in her tactics with great attention to detail. It is quite obvious that she puts her heart and soul into the project. Thanks so much for making us a better team.”

– Thomas Rothfuss, Division Manager (leadership consulting client) 

“Lisa conducted a fun, informative, and interactive workshop for the CEO Roundtable.  We engaged in exercises that demonstrated how important our personal presence matters in building our companies’ culture. It was clear that a key to hiring and retaining great employees is understanding and frequently reinforcing our cultural “story”.   

Her expertise and energy kept us on our toes as she dealt with a number of specific questions, offering not just solutions, but new ways of thinking about the issues.  We walked away with practical tools and a new appreciation of how our stories influence company culture.”

– Scott Lewis, President (leadership consulting client)

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