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Our Story


L.A.Y. are my initials, and I created the business name LAY-Up to evoke rising, playing, and evolving. Our best outcomes occur when a commitment to goals, practice, fun, and self-awareness exists. I’ve always been passionate about learning and growing, a true lifetime commitment. And I believe that each of us is on an ever-evolving work and life journey. The key to this game is often naming our intention, defining what success looks like, uncovering what barriers might exist, and exploring alternative paths or methods to get there.

Not too many years ago, I struggled with a lack of alignment with my core values. Once somebody uncovered this, yes, someone had to hold up the mirror so I could take a long, reflective look; I realized I had to own the change and my future. And it was scary. 

However, I took the leap, stepped out of corporate, and launched LAY-Up Coaching & Consulting in 2021. My business allows me to do what I love – help people Evolve. Be. Achieve.

Our Vision


Evolving leaders impact, by broadening perspective, to strengthen individual, team, and business results.  Allowing for the successful integration and alignment of life & work.

Our Mission


To evolve teams and workplaces one leader and project at a time

To elevate leaders’ ability to discover alternative ways forward

To help create inclusive, joyful, thriving workplaces

Multiracial coworkers and female hispanic boss dance in the office celebrating company results. Copy space. Business success concept.

Our Values


ZEST – living life & the leadership journey as an adventure; whole-heartedly, authentically.

SIMPLICITY – finding joy in Being, stillness, and nature.

CURIOUSITY – for new perspectives, growth, and a deeper understanding of others.

GRATITUDE – appreciation for the beauty of life in all its excellence and imperfection.

ADAPTABILITY – adjusting to inevitable change, letting go, and seeking groundlessness.

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